Accepting Updates to the Apple Developer Program License Agreement

Accepting Updates to the Apple Developer Program License Agreement

What's The Point?

Apple updates their license agreements about once per quarter, which requires the developer account contact to accept the new terms of service through their online dashboard. (An automated email from Apple will be sent to the address associated with their Apple ID.)
Until you have accepted a new agreement, Gallus Golf cannot submit updates to your app with bug fixes and new features. Because of this, we recommend checking in occasionally to see if this or any other important updates are pending in your Apple account. This article will outline the 5-minute process to accept new license agreements.

Steps To Complete:

  1. Go to the Apple Developer website.

  2. Enter your Apple ID (email address), then click "Sign In".
  3. Make sure you're logging in as the account owner. This can't be completed by anyone else at the business.

  4. You'll see a banner across the top of the screen with a blue button. Click "Review Agreement" to view and accept the updated terms.

  5. Click "Agree."

  6. That's it! You're all done.

What If I Don't See The Banner?

Try accessing the "Agreements, Tax, and Banking" page directly through your Apple Developer account. Any important updates or approvals will always be shown on that screen.

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