Custom Geofence Messages

Changing Geofence Messages For A Specific Time Period

This article will detail Custom Geofence Messages and how they work. If you're wondering what Geofence Messages are in general, click HERE to view How Geofences Work.

What Are Custom Geofence Messages?

Custom Geofence Messages change the default Geofence Message for a period of time that you designate. They are most commonly used to promote seasonal specials, upcoming events, or a specific notice for a facility.

They are specific to each Geofence, so a Custom Geofence Message will only affect one of the Geofences of the 20 allotted for your app, dependent on which you select.

How Do I Set Them Up?

Here are the steps to create a Custom Geofence Message:
  1. Navigate to the Geofences page. If there are no Geofences there quite yet, stop what you're doing and visit the How Geofences Work page to learn how to set one up.
  2. Select the Geofence you'd like to change.
  3. A page like the below will appear. On the right under Custom Geofence Message, click Add Message

  4. Choose an Action, which is where the user's phone will redirect to if they tap on the message you will compose in the next step.
  5. Craft a Message (limit 120 characters) that will display on the user's phone when they receive the push notification
  6. Select a Start date
  7. Select an End date
  8. Click Add
  9. Done!

How Do I Edit an Existing Custom Geofence Message?

  1. Navigate to the Geofences page of your Gallus dashboard
  2. Select the Geofence you'd like to edit
  3. Click on the Message you'd like to edit on the right side of the screen
  4. Edit accordingly
  5. Click Update

How Do I Delete an Exisiting Custom Geofence Message?

  1. Navigate to the Geofences page of your Gallus dashboard
  2. Select the Geofence that has the Custom Geofence Message in it
  3. Find your message on the bottom-right of the ensuing page, click the trash can icon, and click Okay

What Happens When the Time Period Expires?

When the time period of a Custom Geofence Message expires, it goes back to the Default Message.

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