How Custom ID Fields Work

How Customer ID Fields Work

Before You Begin

Make sure you have a basic understanding of Push Notifications by clicking HERE.

Custom ID Fields From A User Perspective

What's The Point?

Custom ID Fields help users to control the amount of push notifications they receive from your club. When properly edited and utilized by you (the app's manager), users will only receive information pertaining to subjects they'd like to hear about.

What Are Custom ID Fields?

Custom ID Fields are either/or questions that you can place in the user profile section of your app. They are most commonly used for categories that most (if not all) users fall into, with subcategories within to narrow them down further. They can then be used when sending a Push Notification to send a message to a targeted audience.

Here are some ideas for Custom ID Fields:
  1. User Type
    1. Golf Member
    2. Social Member
    3. Guest
  2. Gender
    1. Male
    2. Female
  3. Region
    1. San Diego City
    2. East County
    3. North County
    4. South Bay
    5. Out-Of-Town
  4. League
    1. Monday Night Men's League
    2. Tuesday Night Co-Ed League
    3. Thursday Night Ladies League

How To Find The Custom ID Fields Section In The App

  1. Open the app on a smartphone
  2. Click the silhouette at the top-right of the Home Screen
  3. On the next page, click the gear icon at the top-right of the screen
  4. Custom ID Fields (if they're set up) will be towards the bottom of the next page

How To Add Custom ID Fields

  1. Click HERE
  2. Click Add Customer ID Field
  3. Enter the Label (NOTE: This is the summation of the categories you will add in the next step. For example, "User Type")
  4. Click Add
  5. The Label will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click Add Options
  6. Enter an option, then click Add
  7. Repeat as necessary

For the best chance of success with this functionality, make sure you add two or more options for the Custom ID Field.

How To Edit Custom ID Fields

Changing Order

  1. Click HERE
  2. Click/Hold on the yellow arrows to the left of the Custom ID Field you'd like to move.
  3. Drag/drop to the appropriate location.

Removing Custom ID Fields

  1. Click HERE
  2. Click the trash can icon to the right of the Custom ID Field you'd like to remove, then confirm.

Removing Options In Custom ID Fields

  1. Click HERE
  2. Select the Custom ID Field you'd like to remove an option from
  3. Click the trash can icon to the right of the option you'd like to remove, then confirm.

Looking To Add Interest Fields?

Click HERE to view our article on Interest Groups.

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