How Firebase/Google Analytics Work

How Firebase/Google Analytics Work

Before You Begin

Make sure you have completed the Firebase setup process outlined in this article (click to view). 
If the Firebase page in your admin dashboard (click to view) has the boxes filled in like the below, you are all set:

Viewing Firebase Analytics Through Google Analytics

Firebase is a developer console used to build apps. Although analytics are technically viewable in Firebase, app managers are able to access simpler reports by logging into Google Analytics:
  1. Log into Google Analytics.
  2. Ensure you're viewing app analytics by clicking the account switcher in the top-left of the page.

      1. When you initially set up Firebase, you should have used the Firebase Project Name on this page as the title.

Active Users

Active Users are the total amount of users that have accessed an app over a given time period.
  1. Log into Google Analytics using the instructions outlined above.
  2. Click Users on the left side of the page.

  3. Ensure the date range in the top-right of the page is correct for the period you'll be analyzing.

  4. The Users count is the total number of users that have accessed your app in the given time window.

  5. The New Users count is the total number of users that accessed your app for the first time in the given time window (aka New Downloads)


Screens grant insight into which pages of your mobile app are being viewed the most (and the least). This metric allows app managers to understand what their app is being used for and make adjustments accordingly.
  1. Log into Google Analytics using the instructions outlined above.
  2. Click Behavior on the left side of the screen.

  3. On the ensuing page, click View Pages & Screens.

  4. On the ensuing page, toggle the view to be Page title and screen name.

In most cases, the top screen will be Clubhouse. That is the Home Screen of your app (which must be visited before any other page is viewed).

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