How Food and Beverage Works

How Food And Beverage Works (Start Here)

In a typical Gallus Golf mobile app, a food & beverage menu is viewable via any of three different options. They are as follows:
  1. Gallus onTap
  2. View-Only Menu
  3. PDF Viewer
This article will give a brief outline of each and link to subarticles that explain each in greater detail.

Gallus onTap

For courses looking to take orders directly through their app, Gallus onTap is the answer. Users can select each item, add special requests, and even pay directly through the app before the order is sent to the F&B operation's point-of-sale.

For more information on Gallus onTap, please view our How Gallus onTap Works article.

View-Only Menu

For courses looking to have a simple menu easier editing capabilities and that users can view at a glance, the view-only menu is the answer. Users can look into the details of each order, decide what they'd like, and press the "Call" button below to bring up the phone's dialer.

For more information on the Gallus Golf View-Only F&B feature, please click here to view our How The View-Only Menus Work article.

PDF Viewer

For courses looking to get the easiest possible experience out of placing a menu in the app, the PDF Viewer is perfectly suited. To use this method, simply fill out the form below and we will get everything done for you.

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