How To Add A PDF To A Button

How To Add A PDF To A Button

Before You Begin

To ensure you have a basic understanding of adding buttons into your app, read the below articles on adding Home Screen or Side Menu buttons:
  1. How The Home Screen Works
  2. How The Side Menu Works

Step 1: Upload Your PDF to Setup Files

In order to add a button, we first need a url to tie the pdf to. We have created an online storage solution for your use under Setup Files:

  1. Log into your Gallus admin dashboard
  2. On the left side of the screen, click Basic Setup ---> Setup Files
  3. The ensuing page will display all of the files you've uploaded in the past. If you'd like to use one of them, navigate to step VII below.
  4. Click Choose Files to upload the necessary documents you'd like to add to your app.
    1. Number 1 in the graphic.
  5. Click Upload. The page will take a moment to load and your document will eventually appear in the list below.
    1. Number 2 in the graphic.
  6. Click the title of your document. A new window will load, with your document displayed.
    1. Number 3 in the graphic.
  7. On this new tab, click the url that appears at the top (it should begin with That complete link is what you'll be using in the next section:

Step 2: Create Your Button

After the url has been created, the process will be the same as adding any other home screen or side menu button. For more information on adding buttons to an app, please view our How App Navigation Works article.
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