How To Add HTML Code To A News Item

How To Add HTML Code To A News Item

Before You Begin

Make sure you have a basic understanding of News Items by viewing our How News Items Work article.

What's The Point?

News Items by default include three basic elements: a picture at the top, a title in the middle, and body text at the bottom. Sometimes a News Item acts as a primer for what you as an app admin really would like the user to do- fill out a form, sign up for an event, etc. When you're creating a News Item, you can add a clickable link to the body text to make it easier for the user to find where you'd like them to go.

User Experience

Users will see a normal News Item, but any of the text you set up to be clickable will take them to the URL you entered right in their app!

Steps To Complete

  1. Complete Steps 1-4 in this article. To go straight to the Create page, click here.
  2. For step 5, enter your text in the Body section. For the link you'd like to make clickable, use the following format:
    1. Web: <a href=" text here</a>
    2. Email: <a href="">Send email</a>
    3. Phone: <a href="tel:1-506-555-1212">Click to Call!</a>

      1. The example given in the above screenshot is <a href="">click this link</a>
  3. Fill out the rest of the information and click Save.
  4. DONE!

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