Viewing Changes In Your Mobile App

Why Can't I See Changes I Made In My App?

Before You Begin

Make sure you have your login information ready for Gallus Golf Admin Dashboard.
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What's The Point?

When changes are made in your Gallus Golf Admin Dashboard, you'll most likely want to view what they look like in your app. To do so, you'll need to make sure you're starting a new session.

What Are Sessions?

Sessions are a period of time a user spends interacting with an app. A session is generally triggered when an app is opened, and last up to 30 minutes after the app has been closed. Afterwards, a new session begins the next time the app is opened.

Why Are Sessions Important For My App?

The beginning of a new session essentially locks the changes that have been made for that particular user. If, for instance, a new home screen button is added while a user already has the app opened, they will not be able to see the new home screen button until a new session has started.

Starting A New Session

As previously outlined, a new session can be initialized simply by a period of inactivity of 30 minutes or more. If you'd like to see the changes you've made immediately, simply follow the below instructions to force-quit your app:

Force-Quitting An App On iOS

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Click here to view an article with instructions on how to force-quit an app on iOS.

Force-Quitting An App On Android

Click here to view an article with instructions on how to force-quit an app on Android.

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