Setting Up Employee Codes

Setting Up Employee Codes

This article will detail how to add Employee Codes that will work in the Offer Locker and Loyalty Program sections of your app.

About Employee Codes

Employee Codes are intended to be a way for you (the app administrator) to keep track of the loyalty points/punches and offers being earned or redeemed in your app.
For more information on the Loyalty Program, please click HERE.

Setting Up Employee Codes

To set up an employee code, either click into the Loyalty Programs page and click Codes in the top-right, or go to THIS LINK.
On the ensuing page, click Add in the top-left of the screen and enter information as follows:
  1. Description should be the employee's name
  2. Code is what you would like to employee to enter on user's phones to transact in the Loyalty Program or Offer Locker.
Some facilities like to do just one code and give it to all of their staff members. You are free to do so, but that means you won't have the option of the next section.

Deactivating Employee Codes

If an employee ceases to work at the facility, you have the ability to deactivate their code. Doing so will keep the code's history but cause it to be unusable in the app.
  1. Go to the employee codes page by clicking Codes in the top-right of the Loyalty Program page.

  2. Select the code you'd like to deactivate.

  3. On the ensuing page, click Set to Inactive on the left side of the screen.

Viewing Employee Code History

Employee Code History is currently only supported for Loyalty Program transactions. To do so, click HERE and select the code you'd like to view. The ensuing page will give you a report on all loyalty transactions, which can also be edited or deleted on the same page.
  1. Go to the employee codes page by clicking Codes in the top-right of the Loyalty Program page.

  2. Select the code you'd like to view the history for. 

  3. Done!

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