How Targeted Offers Work

How Targeted Offers Work

Before You Begin

Make sure to have a basic understanding of the Offer Locker by reading our How Offer Locker Works article.

What's The Point?

Sometimes you may want to create an offer in the Offer Locker that only displays for specific users instead of anyone that downloads your app. To do so, you can target an offer.
This functionality is dependent on two factors:
  1. The email address the user enters when they access the Offer Locker the first time.
  2. The email address you identify to be included in the offer.
As long as both of these emails match, the user will see the offer displayed in their app.
Gallus Golf only sends users one email to verify their identity. After that, no further emails are sent to them from our servers.

Creating Targeted Offers

  1. From the Quick Start Page in your admin dashboard, click Offer Locker.

  2. On the ensuing page, click Create Offer in the top-right of the screen.

  3. A new page opens with a preview of the offer on the right side of the screen. Check this image as you go through the following steps to create an offer:

      1. Offer Image
        1. Either upload your own image at a 3:2 ratio (i.e., 1200x800 px in jpeg or png) or choose from our library of stock photos.
      2. Offer Title
        1. The name of your offer, which will appear on the main Offer Locker page and the individual offer.
      3. Offer Description
        1. A brief summary of the offer and any necessary disclaimers associated with it. This text only appears on the individual offer page.
      4. Active On
        1. The first day this offer will display in the Offer Locker section of your app.
      5. Expires On
        1. The final day the offer will show up in the Offer Locker section of your app. (It disappears the next day for the user.)
          1. This field is not mandatory- you could leave it blank and allow the offer to be available continuously.
  4. Click Save to create a draft of your offer.

  5. A modal appears asking for the audience of this offer and whether or not to send a Push Notification to them. Choose Select Users.

  6. A screen appears with three options to enter in a list of users (by email address) that should receive the offer. Choose one:

      1. Manual Entry
        1. Enter each email individually in the box labeled Emails, making sure each address is followed immediately by a comma (,), space, and the next email:
      2. Spreadsheet Upload
        1. To upload a spreadsheet, make sure the column in the sheet with the email addresses reads "Email". (This will tell the system that it is the designated column to pull data from.)
        2. After the spreadsheet is saved, choose it from the file picker and make sure the emails have dropped in the box above.
          1. Need an example? Click this link to download one.
          2. There is a limit of 2,500 email addresses that can be uploaded to any single offer.
      3. CSV File
        1. To upload a CSV file, make sure it contains all of the proper email addresses with a header of "Email".
        2. After the file has been saved, choose it from the file picker and make sure the emails have dropped in the box above.
          1. There is a limit of 2,500 email addresses that can be uploaded to any single offer.
  7. DONE!

Editing Targeted Offers

Adding A New User To An Existing Offer

  1. From the Quick Start Page in your admin dashboard, click Offer Locker.

  2. Select the offer you'd like to add users to.

  3. A Pop-Up appears. Click Add User(s) and enter the necessary emails into the box (or upload a spreadsheet/csv file), then click Add User(s) to finish adding.

  4. DONE!


Some offers will require users to be periodically added to them throughout the year. For example:
A course has a membership that allows for once free round that can be used anytime that calendar year. An offer can be created in January and as people sign on, their email addresses can be added to the offer individually.
Let's take a look at another example:
A course has a league that operates in their high season (June-September) with a weekly scoring game. Golfers can join the league at any point in the year, and one of the benefits of the league is 25% off one purchase of $100 or more in the pro shop. In this case, an offer can be created in June with the original list of league members and anyone that comes in later can be added into the offer by the app's administrator.

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