How Booking Options Work

How Booking Options Work

Tutorial Video

Updating Booking Options

  1. On the left side of the screen, click Basic Setup --> Booking Options.

  2. On the ensuing page, click Add Booking Option.

  3. Select either Phone or Website and enter the text that should be displayed within the app.
    1. For Phone Numbers: Use the format XXX-XXX-XXXX.

    2. For Websites: Use the format

  4. Click Add.
  5. DONE!
Apps that have only one URL link in this section will direct straight to that page when accessed from the Home Screen or Side MenuIf a phone number or multiple URL links are inputted, the app will direct to a submenu for the user to decide which they'd like to access.

Tracking Tee Time Revenue In The App

For clubs using online booking, channels enable the administrator to view booked revenue numbers for their different revenue sources (website, app, etc.)

Club Prophet Customers

Gallus apps automatically send an Affiliate ID for all outbound Club Prophet links, which allows for segmenting revenue reporting by channel. For more details on viewing these reports, please view Club Prophet's Affiliate Report knowledge base article

What Are Channels?

Most clubs have an online booking engine that enables users to view available tee times and book at their convenience. What most clubs don't know is chances are, their booking engine software has the ability to duplicate itself with slightly different url's. So for example, a basic setup could be as follows:
Website Booking Engine:

App Booking Engine:
Note that both of these url's display the same available tee times, but their text is slightly different (one says "app"). Now that both of these urls are being used in their respective medium (website or app), they'll be able to see a report in their booking engine like this:
Website Revenue:

App Revenue:

What's The Point?

Without knowing what medium customers are using to book tee times, a marketing budget is essentially riding blind. Making sure that something like this is set up ahead of time will allow for informed decision making and detailed reporting.

The key to this entire process is making the url generated only available in your app. If it's available anywhere else, the numbers from the channel will be contaminated by outside data.

How Do I Get This Set Up?

  1. Send an email to your booking engine provider (EZLinks, GolfNow, foreUP, etc.) notifying them you'd like to create a booking channel specifically for your app.
    1. If you'd like some help in this process, just cc on the email to your booking engine provider.
  2. They will send you a new url for the app's booking engine. If you haven't included yet, send the new url to that address.
  3. Our support team will place it in your app.
  4. Done!

What If I Don't Know How To Contact My Booking Engine Provider?

You have no excuse now- here is a list of contact emails from some of the most common booking engine providers:

GolfNow Support (Active As Well)

foreUP Support

Club Prophet Support

Chronogolf Support

TeeSnap Support

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