Deleting User Profile Data

Deleting User Profile Data

What's The Point?

Users looking to reduce their digital footprint need a way to request data erasure directly through each app. This article will document the steps to request account deletion in a Gallus Golf custom-branded mobile app.
Following the steps outlined in this article will remove profile info along with all Scorecard & GPS, Offer Locker, Loyalty Program, and Wallet data associated with the app the request originated from.

Steps To Complete

  1. Open the app you'd like to to request data erasure from.
  2. Tap the profile silhouette at the top-right of the Home Screen.

  3. On the ensuing page, tap the gear icon at the top-right.

  4. The profile section opens. Tap Settings at the top.

  5. On the ensuing page, scroll down to the bottom and tap Delete Account.

  6. A message appears asking for confirmation that you'd like to delete your account. If you're sure, tap Yes.

      1. Clicking Yes will reset your app immediately, but you still need to complete the remaining instructions in this article to finish the account deletion request.
  7. An email is sent to the address on file for your account. Click Verify Email to finish the confirmation process.

    1. This process is permanent and cannot be undone after you have requested account deletion. Your data will be permanently released and will not be recoverable. Please make sure this is your intention before tapping Confirm Email.
  8. DONE. It may take up to 30 days for your data to be permanently erased.

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