How Offer Locker Works

How Offer Locker Works

What Is The Offer Locker?

The Offer Locker is a collection of "offers" that are only available within a Gallus Golf app. As an admin, you have the ability to create as many of these as you'd like with whatever content you deem necessary.

User Experience

User Tutorials


Users wishing to access the Offer Locker can follow these steps:
  1. Open app.
  2. On the Home Screen, tap Offer Locker (or whatever you have chosen to title it).
  3. If it's the first time they're accessing, they will be required to enter a name and email address.

  4. The ensuing page will display all of their offers:

  5. Tap on an offer.

  6. A page with more information will appear:

  7. Customer taps Redeem Now.

  8. A warning message appears, asking the customer if they're sure they'd like to use the offer now. If so, tap the checkbox and then Redeem.

  9. A thumbs-up appears, followed by a timestamp with the time the offer was redeemed.

  10. The customer shows the timestamped offer to a staff member at the time of purchase to verify they have an offer to use right now.
  11. DONE! Any time the customer goes back to the main offer locker page, there will be a timestamp for when the offer was used.


Tutorial Video

Staff Training

Setting Up A New Offer

  1. From the Quick Start Page in your admin dashboard, click Offer Locker.

  2. On the ensuing page, click Create Offer in the top-right of the screen.

  3. A new page opens with a preview of the offer on the right side of the screen. Check this image as you go through the following steps to create an offer:

      1. Offer Quantity
        1. How many times should each user be able to redeem this offer? (You'll always be able to add uses for specific users later on.)
      2. Offer Image
        1. Either upload your own image at a 3:2 ratio (i.e., 1200x800 px in jpeg or png) or choose from our library of stock photos.
      3. Offer Title
        1. The name of your offer, which will appear on the main Offer Locker page and the individual offer.
      4. Offer Description
        1. A brief summary of the offer and any necessary disclaimers associated with it. This text only appears on the individual offer page.
        2. TIP: Use the buttons above this box to add header text, bold, italic, tappable links, bullet points, or numbered lists!
      5. Active On
        1. The first day this offer will display in the Offer Locker section of your app.
      6. Expires On
        1. The final day the offer will show up in the Offer Locker section of your app. (It disappears 7 days after this date for the user.  It will show as "grayed out" until then.)
          1. This field is not mandatory- you could leave it blank and allow the offer to be available continuously.
  4. Click Save to create a draft of your offer.

  5. A modal appears asking for the audience of this offer and whether or not to send a Push Notification to them. Select one of three options or click Later at the bottom-right to keep this offer in Draft state (not available to users yet):
      1. Everyone
        1. Commonly referred to as Broadcast, this option makes the offer available to anyone that downloads the app and joins the Offer Locker.
      2. Select Users
        1. Commonly referred to as Targeted, this option makes the offer available to a specific list of users designated by the app admin (you!) For more information on this option, please view our How Targeted Offers Work article.
  6. DONE!
Looking for Download Incentives / Onboarding Offers? Click here to read our How Download Incentives Work Article.

    Deleting An Offer

    To remove an existing offer, complete the following steps:
    1. From the Quick Start Page in your admin dashboard, click Offer Locker.

    2. On the ensuing page, click on the offer that you'd like to remove.

    3. The Offer detail page opens. Click the trash can that appears towards the top-right of the screen:

    4. DONE!
    If you'd like to simply remove the offer from availability, you can also edit the date on the offer information page, which will remove the offer from availability in your app. (See the next section for details.)

    Editing A Draft Offer

    Offers must first be created in draft form, which means they are a mockup of what the offer will be once published. Users cannot see an offer in their app until an audience has been selected and the draft has been published.
    1. From the Quick Start Page in your admin dashboard, click Offer Locker.

    2. On the ensuing page, click Draft in the top-right.

    3. All available drafts display. Click on the offer you'd like to edit.

    4. All of the offer's details appear. Make the necessary edits, then at the bottom of the screen click either Save to keep it a draft of Add User(s) to select an audience and publish the offer.
    Please note that offers that have been published cannot be edited. If the offer needs to be changed, we recommend first  duplicating the offer and then deleting the "old" (incorrect) offer.

    Offer Locker Analytics

    High-Level Offer Locker Analytics

    To view the overall Offer Locker analytics for an app, completed the following steps:
    1. From the Quick Start Page in your admin dashboard, click Offer Locker.

    2. High-level metrics appear at the top of the page. Click on any box for more detail to be taken to the Metrics dashboard, which allows for searchable metrics by date.

        1. For more information on the Metrics dashboard, please view our How The Metrics Dashboard Works article.
    3. Use lookup to search for specific customers to click into and view their metrics. It requires at least 3 characters before results are filtered. 

    Offer-Specific Analytics

    To view analytics for a specific offer, complete the following steps:
    1. From the Quick Start Page in your admin dashboard, click Offer Locker.
    2. On the ensuing page, each offer will appear with the following metrics:

        1. Unique Views
          1. The number of users that have seen the offer.
        2. Redeemed
          1. The number of times the offer has been redeemed.
        3. Redemption Rate
          1. Redeemed divided by Unique Views.
            1. This number is meant to grant an admin perspective on how successful an offer is- think of it as a "conversion rate".
        4. Type
          1. Which users is this offer available to?
            1. Broadcast
            2. Targeted
            3. Onboarding
        5. Users
          1. The total number of individuals that could potentially get this offer, based on how many have signed up for the Offer Locker and whether or not the offer is available to them.

    Analytics Definitions

    1. Sent: Occurs when a user is sent a targeted offer.
    2. View: Occurs when a user opens an offer (a user can contribute multiple views to a single offer).
    3. Unique View: How many accounts have seen a particular offer (i.e., one user can have three separate "Views" of an offer, but it will only count as one "Unique View".
    4. Redeem: Occurs when a user redeems an offer.
    5. Active Offer: Occurs when an offer's expires on date is in the future or never.
    6. Past Offer: When an offer's expires on date is in the past and offer status is "Past".
    7. Deleted Offer: When an offer's status is "deleted".
    8. Onboarding Offer: When an offer's Onboarding Offer toggle is set to true.
    9. Targeted: When an offer is targeted to an audience, how many individuals were within that audience.

    Exporting Offer Transactions

    Offer Locker admins occasionally want to view all of the transactions that have occurred within their Offer Locker module over a given date range in a spreadsheet. For instructions on how to export all transactions, please view our Exporting Transactions From The Offer Locker article.

    Generating Offers Using The CampaignPilot Integration

    CampaignPilot can sell electronic offers, that are delivered to your customers via the Offer Locker in your Gallus Golf mobile application. Using  CampaignPilot with your Gallus Golf mobile app is a great way to sell your products and services virtually, without requiring you to manually issue coupons and vouchers using the steps outlined above.

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