Duplicating Offers in the Offer Locker

Duplicating Offers in the Offer Locker

This article will instruct on how to duplicate Offers in the Offer Locker.

Before You Begin

Make sure to check out the main How Offer Locker Works article for information on how to create an Offer.

Duplicating An Offer

  1. From the Quick Start Page in your admin dashboard, click Offer Locker.

  2. Select the existing offer you would like to duplicate.

  3. Click the Copy button next to the offer title.

  4. Follow the instructions outlined in our How Offer Locker Works article to finish publishing the offer.
If you cannot see an offer to duplicate on the main Offer Locker page but have created one in the past, click through Past, Deleted, and Onboarding in the middle of the main Offer Locker page:

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