How The Campaign Pilot Integration Works

How The Campaign Pilot Integration Works

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Before You Begin

To ensure you have the proper background, make sure to read our article on How Push Notifications Work and How Offer Locker Works articles and be knowledgeable on 1-2-1 Marketing's CampaignPilot program.

What's The Point?

When creating marketing campaigns, many courses need to juggle between their different software programs. One marketing message for an upcoming event could take all of these steps:
  1. Send out an email from your email platform
  2. Send out a Push Notification from your app
  3. Create a post on Facebook and Twitter
Instead of taking the time to create a post on up to five different platforms, wouldn't it be simpler to do it all from one and send it out everywhere? Enter CampaignPilot from 1-2-1 Marketing.

CampaignPilot is integrated with Gallus Golf to send Push Notifications and even generate Offers without the hassle of jumping from application to application. This article will outline the steps to enable and utilize CampaignPilot with your Gallus Golf mobile app.

Sending A Push Notification From CampaignPilot

To send out a Push Notification from your Gallus Golf mobile app through CampaignPilot, click any of the links below to learn more:

Generating Offers From CampaignPilot

CampaignPilot can sell electronic, single-use offers, that are delivered to your customers via the Offer Locker in your Gallus Golf mobile application. Using CampaignPilot with your Gallus Golf app is a great way to sell your products and services virtually, without requiring you to manually issue coupons and vouchers.  

Steps To Set Up CampaignPilot Integration

  1. Email to request your API Key for 1-2-1 Marketing.
  2. Once you receive the API Key, log into Campaign Pilot.
  3. Once logged in, click Settings in the top-right of the screen.

  4. On the ensuing page, click Channels.

  5. On the ensuing page, find Mobile App and select Gallus Golf.

  6. Lastly, enter your API Key in the space below before clicking Save App Channel.

  7. Done!
Only one API Key is needed to enable both integrations.

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