How Tee Time Standby Works

How Tee Time Standby Works

What's The Point?

Course operators are always trying to keep their tee sheets filled while golfers are trying to secure their preferred tee time. On occasion, a tee sheet will fill up before a group can secure their slot. But what if a tee time cancels?

Tee Time Standby was designed to provide users with a method of signing up to be notified if/when a tee time in their preferred date/time range cancels on a Club Prophet booking engine. Read on to learn more about how it works.

Tutorial Video

User Experience

Scheduling A Standby Window

  1. On the Home Screen of the app, tap Standby.

  2. Select the course you'd like to set up a Standby window for.

  3. Select the date and time for the window.

  4. Tap Continue at the bottom of the screen.

  5. If it's your first time setting up a Standby window, provide your name and email address.

  6. DONE! You have officially signed up to be notified if/when a tee time opens up in your selected time window.

Editing A Standby Window

  1. On the Home Screen of the app, tap Standby.
  2. Tap the pencil at the top-right of the window you'd like to edit.

  3. On the ensuing page, make the necessary edits before tapping Save at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, tap the trash can to delete the window entirely.

  4. DONE!

How The Notification Works

  1. When a tee time within the given slot is canceled, anyone with a matching number of players in their Standby window will receive a Push Notification with details of the time.

  2. Tap the notification to be directed to the booking engine.

  3. From there, be the fastest to book the tee time and it's all yours!

Viewing Standby Revenue Data In Club Prophet

Gallus apps automatically send an Affiliate ID for all outbound Club Prophet links, which allows for segmenting revenue reporting by channel through Club Prophet's metric tools. For more details on viewing these reports, please view Club Prophet's Affiliate Report knowledge base article

Dates Not Showing Up?

Please make sure in your CPS Tee Sheet you have set up global "Days In Advanced" setting on the v5 URL.  Still not able to make windows? Let us know and we can connect with CPS support to resolve. 

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