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Club Prophet Mobile Check-In FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a customer books online and PAYS in advance for a tee time seven days from now, what days sales reports will reflect that charge?

It posts the sale on the day/time that your customer pays, that is to say, it is realtime.  If you want sales reported on the same day, we suggest having Gallus change the check-in time to four or five hours before the tee time.

How does a round of golf and payment reconcile?

The sale is posted to Club Prophet as a normal sale would.  Transactions hit the credit card Merchant Identification (MID) that was sent to Gallus.  The customer can view the sale from the tee sheet or run reports on the terminal they have set for online payments.

If that customer books a round of golf at a dynamic or posted rate, but they are a senior player or a class of player that has a discounted rate, will the PreCheck site show the lower price?  

However, the rate is showing in Club Prophet is the price the customer will pay when they select CHECK IN. So as long as rates are configured with the proper pricing, check-in will show the correct price.

If that player has a loyalty-eligible profile, will they receive loyalty points as they would with a normal face-to-face interaction?

If their name is on the reservation, they will receive loyalty.

Is there a way to get a payment receipt emailed to each player when they pay so they have something to show us that confirms their payment?

Club Prophet is working on this feature, but right now, there is not an email receipt trigger when checking in.

How do multiple people pay for one reservation?

Customers can share the URL and the reservation ID via email or text when they click the reservation they can select a player and click Check Out to proceed to payment.

What happens if someone registers online but already has an account with no email? 

A new account would be created in the database.

Can we change the time window for how long in advance users can check-in and pay?

Yes. You can choose an amount of days, hours, and minutes ahead of time users can check in and pay in your Gallus Golf mobile app. If you are the course operator, please email to request an update to the timeframe.

When will the sale be posted if they pay the day before their tee time?

The sale posts in realtime, so when they click PAY, it posts.

Where do credit cards get processed when paying through my Gallus Golf mobile app? 

Gallus is using Club Prophet’s credit card API, so it is posting directly to the same MID as transactions as in the pro shop.

If I change the rate on Starter Hut will it update the price when they log into my Gallus Golf mobile app?

Yes- the changes are applied automatically.

If I use the buddy list feature do all the buddies get the same confirmation email?

Yes- email confirmations are the same for all parties on the reservation.

How do I find the sales made in my Gallus Golf mobile app? What will it look like on reporting? 

Gallus mobile app sales are posted to the online payment terminal in Club Prophet. if you use store codes, however, it will post to the terminal you set in (options/reference tables/ store information/Online payment terminal).

Will the customer get a receipt emailed to them? 

Currently, a receipt is not sent upon payment.  A receipt can be emailed from the point of sale however, just view sale from the tee sheet.

Can the customer add items or change their reservation through my Gallus Golf mobile app? 

No- this is on the list of features to add in the near future.

Will my Gallus Golf mobile app support other payment methods? 

Only credit cards are supported at this time.

If I reserve 4 people but the other 3 are guests, can I forward them the email with the reservation ID (confirmation key) for them to use to pay? 

Yes, you can.

I am getting a network error or a 500 error when trying to process a payment. What should I do?

Please contact mentioning the error and when you receive it. This is more than likely a configuration change that needs made to Club Prophet’s credit card API.

I am getting a 400 error when logging into the Gallus PreCheck site. What now?

Please contact, as there could be an issue Club Prophet Single Sign-on API.

I am getting a duplicate email address message error when trying to log in. 

Please contact the golf facility to get your duplicate account removed, or try to complete a forgot password process on the golf course’s tee time booking site.

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