How Pop-Ups Work

How Pop-Ups Work

What Are Pop-Ups?

Pop-Ups are messages that display to the user either upon app open or in the Scorecard/GPS. They are dependent on the user having the app open and performing an action, such as opening the Home Screen, navigating to the next hole, or recording their strokes and navigating to the next hole in the Scorecard/GPS.

Looking for location-based messages? Click HERE to view our article on how Geofences work.

Managing Pop-Ups

Tutorial Video

How To Add Pop-Ups

  1. Log into the Gallus Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click the Pop-Ups tile in the middle of the screen.

  3. Click Create at the top-right of the screen.

  4. The ensuing page will have a preview of the popup on the right. Fill out the following, then click Add Trigger at the bottom of the section:
    1. Trigger Information (Left Side)
      1. Date Range: Select both the date and time the popup will first show up in the app and when it will disappear.
        1. If you'd like the Popup to remain indefinitely, leave the Expires On and Expire Time fields empty.
      2. Location: Choose from the following:
        1. On App Open: The Popup will appear when a user launches the app for the first time that day.
        2. Scoring: The Popup will appear on a specific hole in the Virtual Caddie.
      3. Frequency: Select how often users will be shown the popup. Choose from the following:
        1. Every time
        2. Every 2 times
        3. Every 3 times
        4. Every 5 times
        5. Every 8 times
        6. Every 10 times
          1. Please note that Frequency can only be added to On App Open Pop-Ups (not available for messages in the Virtual Caddie).
      4. User Dismiss: Adds a "Do not show again" checkbox on the popup message to allow the user to prevent the message from appearing for them again.
      5. Click Add Trigger to finish adding it. The trigger will appear in the box below.
        1. Each Pop-Up can have multiple triggers associated with it- allowing admins to show a Pop-Up message in several different locations of the app.
      6. Example of On App Open setup:

      7. Example of Scoring setup:

    2. Popup Content (Right Side)
      1. Photo: Click on the image in the preview on the right to upload a new image.
      2. Title: Click on the title to add new content.
      3. Message: Click on the body to enter the main information text.
      4. Button: Click on the button to add a link to a different part of the app. Choose from:
        1. Menu
        2. Tee Times
        3. Leaderboards
        4. Custom URL (a website of your choosing)
        5. Facebook Share

  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

  6. DONE!

Removing Pop-Ups

There are two ways to remove Pop-Ups, with one being permanent and the other temporary:

Deleting A Popup (Permanent)

  1. In the Gallus Admin Dashboard, click Pop-Ups.

  2. On the ensuing page, click the square to the left of the Pop-Up you'd like to delete, then the trash can that appears at the top right.

Removing Triggers (Temporary)

  1. In the Gallus Admin Dashboard, click Pop-Ups.

  2. On the ensuing page, click the Pop-Up you'd like to edit.

  3. On the ensuing page, scroll down to Triggers and click the trash can next to all of the Triggers, then Confirm.

Pop-Up Ideas

Pop-Ups can be used for a number of items:
  1. Welcome message
  2. F&B reminder (a hole or two before the turn)
  3. Book a lesson
  4. Upcoming events
  5. Tournament sponsors
  6. Long-drive/closest to the pin
  7. Replay opportunity (at end of round)
  8. Book your next tee time (at end of round)
  9. Membership promo

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