How Canva Works

How Canva Works

What's The Point?

Designing content within a Gallus Golf mobile app often requires visuals in the form of images that are uploaded directly to the dashboard. Canva is a free online tool (with a paid tier if you'd like access to more features) that cuts down the effort required with graphic design.
This article will provide templates to create any image element in a Gallus Golf custom-branded mobile app.

Canva Support Resources

For more information on how to use Canva, please click here to access their online knowledge base.

News Items

For more information on News, please view our How Featured News works article.

Pop-Up's & Pages

For more information on Pop-Up's, please view our How Pop-Up's Work article.
For more information on Pages, please view our How Pages Work article.

Offer Locker

For more information on Offer Locker, please view our How Offer Locker Works article.

Home Screen Button (Tiles View)

For more information on the Home Screen, please view our How App Navigation Works article.

Custom Folder

For more information on Custom Folders, please view our How App Navigation Works article.


For more information on Gallus Wallet, please view our How The Gallus Wallet Works article.

App Onboarding

For more information on App Onboarding, please view our How App Onboarding Works article.

Welcome/Home Screen Background Image

Permission Request Background Image

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