How The Events & Push Notifications Integration Works

How The Events & Push Notifications Integration Works

Before You Begin

Make sure to have a basic understanding of Targeted Push Notifications and Tournaments by clicking their respective article.

What's The Point?

Event admins often need to send a targeted message to everyone in the field of an event. The previous process required a list to be kept in a spreadsheet elsewhere, complicating the process of sending a communication through the app.

We're pleased to announce this new integration between Events and Push Notifications that allows app admins to keep their list in the Gallus Tournament Software and send a Push Notification in just a few simple steps. It should help making communicating with your tournament, league, or event a snap!

Tutorial Video

Steps To Complete

In order to send a Targeted Push Notification to everyone in an Event, you must first have an email address associated with the Players you'd like to contact. This can be accomplished through any of the three event setup methods:

  1. Manual Entry: Input the email in the Email field when creating/editing a player.
  2. Spreadsheet Upload: Input each player's email in the Email column before uploading your spreadsheet.
  3. Online Registration: Mark email as Required in the initial settings. Users will input their email when registering and it will automatically be transferred to their profile within the event.
Once their emails have been properly inputted, it's time to send a Push through the integration. Complete the below steps:
  1. Log into your Gallus Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click Events.

  3. On the ensuing page, select the Event you'd like to send a Push Notification to.

  4. On the checklist screen, click Players.

  5. The list of Players appears. At the top, click Send Push Notification.

  6. A new tab opens with a Targeted Push Notification set up, with the emails prefilled. Fill out the following:

      1. Message
      2. Action
      3. Scheduling
  7. When ready, click Send.

  8. DONE! A Push Notification will send to any app that has a matching email entered in the User Profile.
    1. Any emails that don't match up with an app will appear in a dialogue box. We recommend contacting those users and instructing them to input the matching email in their User Profile.

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