Gallus Golf Product Updates

Product Updates

What's The Point?

This article outlines product updates released to the Gallus Golf ecosystem along with their required app version numbers. We are also continuing to work on making our Apps as accessible as possible. 

If you have any questions resulting from this article, please either initiate a chat through the box in the bottom corner of your screen or email

June 20, 2024

Updated to 12.06 Required

  1. App Forms Input Fields
    1. Focus on voice over for input fields. It's important to note that because we are managing two code bases those drop down fields using Sencha will not provide voice over. We hope to resolve this at a later time by migrating features to React. 
  2. App GPS Navigational Arrows
    1. Focus on voice over for GPS navigational arrows. When tapped the user will be provided context (i.e. next hole or previous hole). 
  3. App Add a Player, Edit a Player
    1. We increased color contrast to ensure the gray background with white text is compliant. We also added voice over context when you tap on the plus sign or the primary player. 
  4. Bug: League Error When Changing Format After Second Round
    1. We found a bug where Leagues were changing second round formats but were not adding those formats to Leaderboards. This created an issue where it seems like rounds were being recorded but for the wrong format which lead to missing scores. It's important that if you want to change a round format that you do it before the round starts and make sure to add the correct leaderboards and remove the original ones. 

June 14, 2024

Updated to 12.05 Required

  1. App Account Settings Gear
    1. The gear icon background color will be checked by the color contrast checker in App Onboarding against the white icon. We also improved voice over for context when tapped. 
  2. App Back Arrow
    1. The back arrow icon background color will be checked by the color contrast checker in App Onboarding against the white icon. We also improved voice over or context when tapped. 
  3. App Titlebar Font Weight
    1. We increased font weight of our Title in Titlebar to ensure proper contrast and legibility. 
  4. Bug: Drop Down Input Label and "Select" Overlap
    1. We resolved a bug where input fields label's character length was too short and overlapped with the 'select' default for drop down fields. 

May 29, 2024

Updated to 12.03 Required

  1. App Home Screen Hamburger Menu
    1. We increased the font size of the hamburger menu while also improving voice over for context when tapped. 
  2. App Home Screen Profile Icon
    1. The profile icon background color will be checked by the color contrast checker in App Onboarding against the white icon. We also improved voice over for context when tapped. 

May 21, 2024

Updated not Required

  1. Bug: News Help Button Takes Admin to Offer Locker Article
    1. This resolves the bug where in News the ‘help’ button was taking end users to the Offer Locker help article, not the News Help article. This has been resolved.
  2. Color Contrast Checker added in App Onboarding for ADA Accessibility
    1. This story alerts you if the colors you select for primary, secondary, or action are ADA compliant. The alert will remain unless the color is compliant. It’s important to note you can decide to ignore the alert and continue forward with your color select however please know you would be out of color contrast compliance. 

May 5, 2024

Updated to 12.02 Required

  1. Bug: Remove Flicker when Loading Indicator loads
    1. When you tap on rewards there was a slight flicker with the loading indicator. 

May 10, 2024

No Updated Required

  1. Bug: Double Action in Push Notification makes Message Center Action in operable 
    1. Action description ended up duplicating causing Message Center to not work with external URLs. This is now fixed but please note any past messages with external links in Message Center will still not work. These will resolve after 30 days.  

May 8, 2024

Update to 12.01 Required

  1. Bug: Scrolling Home Screen + Account Screen
    1. We found a bug where you can 'pull' down the home screen or account screen and it separates from the top status bar. 
  2. Removing Data from Offer Locker to Improve Load Speed
    1. This feature removes data calculated on the Offer Locker list page to help improve load speeds so clients are able to see names of their offers and click in to do more. In order to be added to this you must reach out to your Account Manager. 

May 6, 2024

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Action Missing in Message Center for Campaign Pilot URLs
    1. Resolves a bug where the 'action' was missing from Push Notifications created through Campaign Pilot leading to no action being enabled for Message Center. 

April 25, 2024

Update to 11.14 Required

  1. Bug: Driving Ranges Not Able to View/Add/Remove Targets
    1. Resolves a recent issue were targets are not visible so customers could not view, add or remove targets. Google recently deprecated the API that had been used to create pins. The only adjustment is that the text of the pin will now be visible on the hover and no longer be a color. 
  2. Bug: Player & Team List Can't Change Handicap to "E"
    1. We found a bug when we added the drop down to the player and team list pages where you can't change a player's handicap to "E" on the same day. 
  3. Bug: Player List Reorders to First Name when Handicap or Tee Box drop down Adjusts
    1. We found a bug when you update the tee box or handicap drop down it adjusted the order to First Name even if you were using Handicaps, Last Name, etc. The filter order will now maintain. 
  4. Bug: Team List Reorders to Name when Handicap drop down Adjusts
    1. We found a bug when you update the handicap drop down it adjusts the order to Name even if you were using Handicaps or Score. The filter order will now maintain. 
  5. Message Center Append Affiliate ID
    1. We are now appending affiliate ID to Message Center booking engine URLs when clients send a push notification. 

April 18, 2024

Update to 11.13 Required

  1. Add Course Handicap Drop Down for Player List
    1. Tournament & League Managers can now adjust player's course handicaps from the Player List page. This change applies to Player Details and Edit Player pages. Similarly, adjustment made on the Edit Player page will update the Player Details and Player list pages. These changes affect future rounds, not past ones. 
  2. Add Course Handicap Drop Down for Team List
    1. Tournaments & Leagues Managers can now adjust team’s course handicaps from the Team List page. This change applies to Team Details and Edit Team pages. Similarly, adjustments made on the Edit Team page update the Team Details and Team List pages. These changes affect future rounds, not past ones. It’s important to note that because Tournament Teams do not have a round drop down on the List Page the Course Handicap field will not be disabled once a round has passed, however changes to that handicap should not be affected.
  3. Adjust Tournament & League Course Handicap Logic & Improve Messaging
    1. Team or Player Course Handicaps can be adjusted until 11:59pm on the same day. After 12:00am, or the next day, handicap adjustments are locked for that round and you will see a tooltip message ‘Cannot update course handicap if round date has passed' notifies Managers. In Tournaments, the Team Course Handicap drop down remains active as we don’t currently separate out rounds.

April 3, 2024

Update to 11.12 Required

  1. Reverse Default Sort Order for Event List Page
    1. Current and upcoming Tournaments and Leagues are now using descending order which has the earliest event at the top and the latest event at the bottom. Past events are still ordered ascending. 
  2. Bug: Round 1 Label Showing on All Rounds on League Leaderboards
    1. Round 1 label was showing on all rounds on League Leaderboards leading to confusion. We have removed this label while keeping round number available on the popup when you click on 'date'. 
  3. Bug: Match Play Format Appearing in Leagues
    1. This was a fix to an earlier story that initially removed Match Play format from leagues when first launched. Going forward when creating an League event Match Play will not be a format available for selection. While we aren't able to support Match Play at this time we do plan to evaluate how it could be included in the future.  

March 20, 2024

No Update Required

  1. Update CSS for Static Payment Page
    1. Improving the visual look and feel of the upgraded Moneris payment page. 
  2. Moneris Update for multi club Mobile Check-In
    1. Completed the work to ensure Moneris Vault upgrade works for our web based multi club mobile check-in. 

March 15, 2024

Update To 11.11 Required

  1. Feature: Moneris Vault Upgrade For Mobile Check-In and Wallet
    1. Mobile Check-In and Wallet now support Moneris' vault upgrade. This is a required update from Moneris. Clubs utilizing Mobile Check-In and Wallet with Moneris will need to get switched over in the upcoming month. We'll work with Club Prophet on this transition and reach out to the clubs where necessary. 

February 2, 2024

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Restore The Ability To Assign Pop-Up's To Scorecard & GPS Holes
    1. Some admins were unable to assign a Pop-Up to a specific hole in the Scorecard & GPS. This update ensures they can assign those triggers once again.

January 31, 2024

Update To 11.10 Required

  1. Feature: Add Club Prophet Affiliate Tracking To Message Center
    1. Clubs utilizing Club Prophet as their booking engine provider now enjoy automatic tracking of revenue booked through their app's Message Center. This joins the other modules of the app where this is available: Tee Times, Push Notifications, StandBy, and the CTA in Pop-Up's.
  2. Feature: Add Toggle To Remove Background Haze From App Logo
    1. Clubs looking to tidy up their app's Home Screen can now remove the haze that's present behind their app logo (when using the background image theme). This haze has been present since the introduction of the background image theme and helps logos to "pop" above the background image. We understand some apps choose to upload a background image that facilitates the logo, so we added a toggle to give you the option as an admin.
    2. To toggle this on or off, follow these steps:
      1. Log into your Gallus admin dashboard.
      2. Click Basic Setup --> App Onboarding on the left side of the screen.

      3. On the ensuing page, click Home Screen & Colors.

      4. Find the toggle, then adjust to your liking.
        1. With the haze enabled:

        2. With the haze disabled:

      5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

      6. DONE! Users will see the change the next time they open your app.
        1. If you already have a session started, you may need to force-quit and restart your app.

January 10, 2024

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Restore Stock Images In Simple Editor
    1. Some of our customers reported not being able to choose from our stock image library when using the Simple Editor. This adjustment ensures those images are at their disposal.

January 9, 2024

Update To 11.09 Required

  1. Feature: Additional Functionality For Club Prophet Wallet (Including Loyalty!)
    1. Club Prophet Wallet previously supported just one scenario: Reloadable prepaid balances. We understand that not every facility needs prepaid balance, but nearly every facility needs to have a digital ID card for their users. This update has a number of adjustments to support many use cases:
      1. Loyalty Integration: We now have a full loyalty integration with Club Prophet. Keep track of everything in your POS and users will be able to see their balance on their app's Wallet anytime.
      2. Profile Photos Integration: If your club takes photos of members and uploads them into Club Prophet, Gallus will now display them on the user's Wallet in their app! Our hope is this will help with identification and keep things running smoothly at your facility.
      3. Expiration Date: If your club has annual memberships, we'll now display the user's membership expiration date from Club Prophet in their app's Wallet.
      4. Streamlined Member Cards: If your club doesn't use loyalty or prepaid balance but wants to ditch physical ID's, this is the functionality for you. Our Wallet can display only the basics: Profile Photo, Name, Expiration Date (if present), Customer Class, and Barcode.
      5. Speaking of Barcodes: Every display option of Wallet will display a barcode that, when scanned with your POS computer, will bring your staff directly to the customer's profile page in Club Prophet. A true shortcut to speeding up your pro shop!
    2. To review, there are FOUR options we now support in Wallet (click here for more details):
      1. Streamlined Member Card
      2. Prepaid Balance Member Card
      3. Loyalty Member Card
      4. Prepaid Balance & Loyalty Member Card

December 1, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Feature: Webpage For Google Play Account Deletion
    1. Google Play introduced a new requirement for a web-based page for users to request a deletion of their account. This work adds that functionality to each app's Google Play developer console, ensuring ongoing compliance for app updates.

November 6, 2023

Update To 11.07 Required

  1. Bug: Allow Club Prophet Wallet Reload Purchases In Version 11.05 & Up
    1. Users attempting to reload their prepaid Wallet card on app version 11.05 or 11.06 were unable to select a payment method for the transaction. This adjustment ensures they can.
  2. Bug: Restore Mobile Check-In Reservation Cards For ProphetPay Clubs
    1. Users of apps utilizing Club Prophet's ProphetPay payment processor were unable to check in for a tee time through the Reservation Card that shows upcoming tee times at the top of their app's Home Screen. This adjustment restores that functionality and ensures they can pay for their tee time quickly and efficiently.

October 5, 2023

Update To 11.06 Required

  1. Bug: Allow ProphetPay Users To Delete Saved Credit Card In Mobile Check-In
    1. Users of apps utilizing Club Prophet's ProphetPay payment processor previously weren't able to remove a previously saved credit card, which was cluttering up their app. This adjustment ensures they can in the Mobile Check-In module.

September 29, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Feature: Adjust App Navigation Folder Editor UX
    1. Previously, folders that had a lot of content items were a chore to edit as the entire page scrolled as one. If an item at the bottom of the list needed to be edited, the manager would need to scroll to the bottom of the page, click the item on the left, then scroll all the way up to edit content and click save. This change makes just the left-hand side scrollable while the information in the middle and preview at the right stay on the page, making for a much more intuitive editing experience!

  2. Feature: Default To Pages When Linking To An App Page In App Navigation
    1. When adding a Page as a button on either the home screen, side menu, or a folder in App Navigation, managers had to choose it from a dropdown that defaulted to News. This story defaults that to Pages, which should be one less click for managers to get their content live.

  3. Bug: Fix App Navigation Folders Reordering Issues
    1. Some managers were having trouble getting their changes to save when reordering the content in their folders using the preview on the right. This prevented them from having full control over which items appeared first, second, etc. This story ensures that reordering process saves every time.

Update To 11.05 Required

  1. Feature: Club Prophet Single Sign-On For Tee Times
    1. This story adds Single Sign-On functionality for Club Prophet v5 booking engines. This means customers that have signed into their Club Prophet profile in the Profile section of their app will automatically be signed in when Tee Times is tapped.

September 26, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Feature: Remove Covid Verbiage From Mobile Check-In
    1. Apps using web check-in (mainly ones that have multiple integrations in one app) had a very Covid-specific set of instructions. Based off customer feedback, we’ve made this more generic to allow for an updated experience.

Update To 11.04 Required

  1. Feature: Club Prophet Single Sign-On For Mobile Check-In
    1. This story adds to our single sign-on (SSO) functionality with Club Prophet, which allows users to sign into their app's profile and automatically be signed into various modules throughout their app. This particular release adds Mobile Check-In, meaning users will automatically be logged in when they've completed our SSO flow in their profile.
      1. For more information on Single Sign On, please view our How Single Sign-On Works article.
  2. Bug: Resolve Android Settings Gear Logic
    1. This story resolves an issue with a subset of Android devices that caused the user to bypass the Account screen (where name, email, etc. is inputted) and go directly to the Settings screen of the user profile (where location services, Interests, etc. are set up). After this fix, users that tap the Settings gear will see the Account screen and can tap the gear on the ensuing page if they’d really like to get to Settings.

August 24, 2023

Update To 11.02 Required

  1. Bug: Resolve Prophet Pay App Close Issue When Adding New Card
    1. Users that tapped Add New Payment Method in an app using ProphetPay for Mobile Check-In too quickly had the app crash. This fix ensures they can tap that button as quickly as they'd like without worrying about the app shutting down on them.
  2. Feature: Updated User Profile
    1. The User Profile now has a simplified experience, allowing users to view their basic Profile info on the main page while being able to adjust Push Notification settings, location permissions, and view their app version through the cog in the top-right.

August 17, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Make Home Screen Mobile Check-In Card Swipable
    1. This work resolves a previous issue where users that had multiple upcoming tee times had stacked cards at the top of their app's Home Screen, making it difficult to see the rest of the app's content. After this change, users are able to see one card at a time and can swipe from left to right to see each tee time (and check in if necessary).

Update To 11.01 Required

  1. Feature: Club Prophet Wallet
    1. Our latest integration with Club Prophet provides a Member ID card that displays a barcode for quick scanning into Club Prophet's POS, along with a reloadable balance that's pulled directly from their Club Prophet profile. In order to view this card, users can now sign into their Club Prophet profile via an OAuth integration in the app's user profile, which signs them into the module automatically.
      1. For more information on our Club Prophet Wallet feature, please view our Blog post right here.

July 17, 2023

Update To 11.00 Required

  1. Feature: Add Additional Reporting To Prophet Pay For Mobile Check-In
    1. This work ensures customers utilizing Prophet Pay for Mobile Check-In are sent the necessary data for reporting purposes.

June 29, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Award League Season Leaderboard Points For 10th Place & Higher On Weekly Leaderboards
    1. Each week, League players receive points towards a season-long total. (The specific amounts are configured when creating the League.) While the 10th and higher points previously weren’t being doled out, this work ensures players 10th & higher on a weekly leaderboard receive the proper amount of points.

Update To 10.01 Required

  1. Feature: ProphetPay For Mobile Check-In
    1. Mobile Check-In now supports Club Prophet's ProphetPay payment processing (along with the existing Moneris integration). This means courses can collect payments into the same bank account they use for point of sales throughout their facility, making end-of-month accounting a breeze.
      1. For more information on ProphetPay, please view Club Prophet's ProphetPay Overview article.

June 7, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Leaderboard Auto-Scroll Speed
    1. Tournament and League coordinators reported live leaderboards would gradually slow down as time passed. We tuned up the performance to ensure these leaderboards can stay on screens all day long with no lag.
      1. Still having trouble getting tournament or league leaderboards to scroll? Try adjusting the zoom on your screen and refreshing the page.

May 24, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Fix League Weekly Leaderboards Timeouts
    1. Leagues users reported timeouts commonly occurring when they attempted to view Weekly Leaderboards. We've improved the loading efficiency to ensure these properly load 100% of the time.
  2. Bug: Open League Weekly Leaderboards To The Correct Round
    1. Leagues users reported their Weekly Leaderboards were opening to the previous round when the link/button was accessed on the day of a round. (Ex. If round 2 was today, the link opened round 1's leaderboard.) We addressed this by having the leaderboard open to the round occurring on that day.

April 27, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Hide Deleted Leagues From App
    1. League coordinators that deleted a league were still seeing it appear in their app for users to join. This fix ensures that only active leagues appear in the user experience.
  2. Bug: Remove Gallus Tour Pop-Up
    1. The in-app promotion for the Gallus Monthly Tournament Series (aka Gallus Tour) were displaying poorly for end users starting their round in the app's Scorecard & GPS. While the Gallus Tour is still functional, this Pop-Up has been removed in order to maintain a top-notch user experience.

April 20, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Ensure Net Scoring Is Reflected On League Weekly Leaderboards
    1. Leagues utilizing net scoring will now see the proper net score reflected on their individual net leaderboards.
  2. Bug: Display Flights On League Weekly Leaderboards
    1. Flight leaderboards previously weren't functioning on weekly leaderboards (they were just a blank screen). They are functioning properly now!
  3. Bug: Fix Errors After Adding Rounds To An Existing League
    1. When an admin added some rounds to a league, then added some players, then added some more rounds, a few issues would ensue. We have made sure league coordinators can now edit their leagues accordingly after adding more rounds:
      1. The League Roster page is now viewable and editable after adding more rounds.
      2. The Groups page is now viewable and editable after adding more rounds.
      3. Leaderboards are now created automatically for any new rounds that are added.
  4. Bug: Fix Leagues Spreadsheet Import Issues
    1. When utilizing the spreadsheet import method for importing a league roster, coordinators were previously experiencing some issues that have now been resolved:
      1. Uploading a large amount of players for a large number of rounds now allows for admins to navigate away from the page while the upload finishes processing.
      2. Inputting Flights in their respective spreadsheet column now assigns the correct teams/players to their designated Flight(s) for EVERY round in the league.

April 13, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Update List When Adding Player To League Flight
    1. League coordinators that attempted to manually add a player to a Flight weren't seeing the player added in the list below until they refreshed the page. This adjustment ensures that list updates automatically.

April 6, 2023

Update To 10.00 Required

  1. FEATURE: League Self-Creating Groups
    1. League coordinators are now able to leave the Groups step empty, which will divert end users to a flow in the app where they can indicate the following:
      1. Starting Hole
      2. Who they're playing with
    2. Long story short, this is one less step needed from League admins when setting up their League dashboard! For more information on this feature, please view our How League Groups Work article.

April 4, 2023

No Update Required

  1. BUG: Online Registration Not Working For Team Leagues
    1. Leagues utilizing a team format (scramble, best ball, etc.) were unable to use online registration as end users weren't able to submit their entry through the website. This change ensures registration functions properly for ALL league types.
      1. Online Registration for Leagues is best used to collect entry fees for the season. For more information on Leagues Online Registration, please view our How Online Registration Works article.

March 30, 2023

No Update Required

  1. FEATURE: Leagues Functionality
    1. All clubs are now able to utilize our new Leagues software to manage their leagues and collect live scoring results. For more information on Leagues, please view our League Software Basics article.
  2. FEATURE: Leagues Season-Long Leaderboard
    1. Leagues are now able to automatically calculate season-long FedEx Cup-style points for their team or individual league. For more information on this feature, please view our How League Leaderboards Work article.
  3. Bug: Adjust League Leaderboards Step To Display Correct Round
    1. League administrators were unable to change rounds when editing weekly leaderboards (it always defaulted to the next week of the league). This work ensures the dropdown adjusts the week so admins can edit leaderboards and add new ones (new formats, flights, etc.) if they so choose.

March 24, 2023

Update To 9.14 Required

  1. BUG: Incorrect Spacing Between Paragraphs In Simple Editor
    1. App modules using the simple editor (Offer Locker, News, Pop-Up's, and Pages) previously had no spacing between paragraphs. Our customers gave us feedback that they should, so we added slightly more spacing in the app to ensure users have the best possible experience on their device.

      1. PRO TIP: If you'd like even more separation between sections in the Simple Editor, add three dashes (---) in an empty line for a line break!

March 16, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Some Active Rounds Not Showing in Mobile
    1. This story fixes a corner case where league rounds added after a league was created were not displaying for users to join in the app. This fix ensures users will be able to find their league round to join regardless of when the admin set it up.
  2. Bug: GPS Timezone & UK Issue
    1. Users of apps in the 0 timezone (London, UK, etc.) that navigated away from their scorecard and attempted to re-enter were seeing a blank white screen, preventing them from finishing their round. This fix ensures they can continue entering scores throughout their day.

February 23, 2023

Update To 9.13 Required

  1. BUG: Display Title & Text On Featured News Item
    1. The banner that appears at the top of an app's Home Screen when a Featured News item is enabled was blank for a few days. This fix ensures end users will see the title of the News item and the first few words (for perspective on what it's about).

February 16, 2023

Update To 9.12 Required

  1. FEATURE: Scrollable Pop-Up Content
    1. This story allows Pop-Up's to now be scrollable, which empowers app admins to get even more content. With the recent addition of the Simple Editor to the Gallus admin dashboard, Pop-Up's now have an unparalleled amount of customizability.

February 9, 2023

No Update Required

  1. BUG: Fix Matches Scorecard Template For Match Play Events
    1. This quick fix gets the Match Play - specific scorecard template back up and running for tournaments using that format as it had been unable to load for a couple of weeks.

February 2, 2023

No Update Required

  1. BUG - Indicate Waiting Or DNP On Leaderboard For League Members Without A Score
    1. League users that didn’t have scores inputted weren’t having any info showing next to their name (a "-" under the score column, Waiting under the Thru column on the day of the event, or DNP on any subsequent day). This information is now displaying properly.

  2. Bug: Use Round-Specific Adjusted Handicap For League Leaderboards
    1. League print materials weren’t using the proper round’s adjusted handicap (handicap allowance), resulting in incorrect information on check-in sheets, scorecards, etc. This number is reliable on all exports once again.

Update To 9.11 Required

  1. Feature: New Body Editor For All Features - Pop-Ups, News, Offer Locker & Download Incentives
    1. We've brought the revolutionary editor from Pages to ALL of our other modules! Add larger heading text, insert tappable links (to URL's, emails, or phone numbers) with ease, and upload images directly into the body of any News item, Pop-Up, or Offer.

January 27, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Pages Content Goes Back To The Top Every Time Header Or Link Is Changed
    1. This story fixes an issue with creating/editing a Page where highlighting the text and selecting header or link would take the admin user back to the top of the box. Now we'll keep them at the spot they were editing in the body section for a much smoother user experience.
  2. Bug: League Weekly Leaderboards Not Functioning Properly
    1. This story gets the weekly Leaderboard links working for Leagues after it previously was displaying an error message for end users.
  3. Feature: Per-Round League Leaderboard Editing
    1. This story allows League admins to edit the Leaderboards within individual rounds of Leagues.
    2. The main thing this story provides is the ability to manually do tiebreakers for leaderboards within League rounds.
  4. Feature: Add Did Not Play On League Leaderboards For Those Without A Score Inputted
    1. This story places a DNP designation on players throughout the league software on the next calendar day from a league round.
    2. For example, if I'm a player that didn't record scores for a round on 1/27/23, I'll see a DNP label on my round in all of the following locations on 1/28/23:
      1. Player List
      2. Team List
      3. Team Detail
      4. Leaderboards (In Actual Leaderboard)

Update To 9.10 Required

  1. Bug: Message Center Adjustments
    1. This long-awaited story fixes a number of issues with Message Center badges in the app. To summarize:
      1. Fixed the badge count on the Home Screen/Side Menu button within the app. (It previously wasn't displaying the number of unread messages.)
        1. These won't be cleared until Message Center is viewed.
      2. Clears the iOS app badge when the app is opened (Home Screen is viewed).
      3. Updates Message Center to display all Push Notifications received by the user in the past 30 days (from 7 days previously).

January 23, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Leagues Groups Auto-Generate Fixes
    1. League coordinators were previously unable to automatically generate from the Groups section. This fix ensures they're able to set up their pairing for a League rounds as quickly as possible.

January 20, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Low-Res Pages Header Image
    1. App admins that uploaded a high-resolution image in the Header Image of their Page were experiencing the opposite effect- a low-resolution image that didn't look stellar in their app. We've updated Pages to support these high resolutions to ensure users receive the best possible experience.

Update To 9.09 Required

  1. Bug: Apostrophes Not Displaying Properly In Pages
    1. When an apostrophe (') was added in a Page, some strange text would appear in its place. This story ensures we’re only displaying that apostrophe when it appears in a Page on the app.

January 13, 2023

No Update Required

  1. Feature: Spreadsheet Import Option For League Roster
    1. Many League coordinators seek to add their roster in bulk to lay a good foundation at the beginning of the League. This feature empowers them to do so via a spreadsheet template from the League dashboard.
      1. For more information on this feature, please view our How League Spreadsheet Imports Work article.
  2. Update Image Upload Options
    1. We previously said that GIF's were supported for uploads. This format isn't fully supported at the moment (they just show a still image in the app), so we've adjusted all of the image upload boxes in the admin dashboard to recommend JPG and PNG images. This will ensure your users are getting the best possible imagery in their app.
  3. Bug: Adding League Players Issues
    1. League coordinators were previously receiving an error when manually adding a player in the League Roster section of their dashboard. We've ensured this functionality is working correctly now!
  4. Feature: Support Per-Round League Player Tees and Handicaps
    1. Updating tee boxes and handicaps on the League Roster page now applies that value to the proper round, ensuring net scoring formats will have proper calculations.
      1. These features are most efficient when using our Events GHIN integration.
  5. Bug: League Print Materials Fixes
    1. League coordinators were having trouble exporting Print Materials from their League after scores had been inputted. This feature should now be working properly once again!

Update To 9.08 Required

  1. Feature: Add New Scorecard Prompt For Rounds Older Than 12 Hours
    1. Users that access an older scorecard in the Scorecard & GPS section of their app will receive a prompt asking if they’d like to start a new round.
    2. This change should help end users keep an accurate scorecard history and Tournament/League admins by preventing users from inputting scores in a past event.

January 6, 2023

Update To 9.07 Required

  1. Feature: Pages
    1. After the admin dashboard Pages module release, end users can now view the beautiful Pages that have been created!
  2. Feature: Move App Version To Bottom Of App Settings Page
    1. Knowing your app's version can be helpful when troubleshooting an issue or looking for a new feature that's been released (like this one!) We've moved the app version to the bottom of the app settings section.
      1. Access this section by tapping the user profile silhouette at the top-right of the home screen, then the gear icon on the ensuing page. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings tab and you'll know for sure!

December 30, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Feature: Heading Option In Pages
    1. App administrators can now change their Pages text to be different sizes through the Heading button (the H above the body section).
    2. This feature allows for a higher level of customization by separating different parts of the Page. By providing different text sizes, app admins can delineate different sections and fill their Pages up with even more engaging content!
  2. Feature: Leagues Help Links
    1. Everyone needs help once in awhile! Every page in a League dashboard now has a Help button located in the top-right. Click it to open up a knowledge base article about that feature in a new tab.

December 24, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Feature: Admin Dashboard League Roster & Teams Pages For Leagues
    1. League coordinators can now log into their admin dashboard and add/edit information for League Rosters and Teams. This feature empowers them to keep track of all League information from one location so the League can run smoothly on a weekly basis.
  2. Feature: Edit Scorecard For League Players & Teams
    1. League coordinators can now access a player or team's scorecards for each round of the League through their detail page. This screen will show scores inputted by the player/team and, if necessary, allow the coordinator to override them.
  3. Feature: Round Dropdown For League Flights & Group Sections
    1. League coordinators can now select the round they're editing in the Flights or Groups sections by selecting it in the dropdown at the top-left of their screen.
  4. Feature: Leagues Admin Print Materials Page
    1. League coordinators can now access all of their Print Materials on a per-round basis through the Print Materials step in their League dashboard.
    2. This allows them to export things like cart signs, check-in sheets, etc.

December 21, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Feature: Pages Admin Dashboard Experience
    1. Pages empowers Gallus app admins to create native content for their app through an intuitive dashboard editor.

December 16, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Feature: League Leaderboards In The Admin Dashboard
    1. League coordinators can now log into their League dashboard to set up Leaderboards for the entirety of their League on a per-round basis.

December 9, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Feature: User-Facing League Weekly Leaderboards
    1. League players can now view the weekly Leaderboards for their League either within the app or through a link provided by their League coordinator.

November 29, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Feature: League Flights
    1. Added the ability to add Flights on a per-round basis within Leagues. Flights allow League admins to set up a subgroup within a League round so they can have their own Leaderboard.

November 18, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Bug: View Player Details From League Team Page
    1. Some admins were experiencing an error when attempting to view details of a player (handicap, name, etc.) from the League Team page. This information should now be viewable without any errors.

November 11, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Ability To Edit Single League Rounds
    1. Resolved an issue with editing the details of an individual League round. Admins should once again be able to change information on a per-round basis.
  2. Feature: Leagues Groups Support
    1. Added the ability to set up Groups for a League round. (Click here for more information on League Groups.)
  3. Feature: Leagues Player & Team Support
    1. Added the ability to add a League Roster and associate players with Teams in a League.

November 3, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Feature: Support Multiple Tee Options In Tournament Software
    1. Tournament administrators looking to assign different tee boxes in their event now have the ability to do so via a dropdown list on the Players page of any tournament.
    2. The initial Create page allows admins to assign a default tee for everyone in the event. Once created, navigate to the Players page and click the dropdown for each player that has a different tee. (Selecting a new tee automatically saves your selection.)

    3. Just to note, this feature is mainly for events utilizing our GHIN integration for generating course handicaps. Assigning tee boxes based on skill level will automate the entire course handicap process as we'll apply the proper slope/rating for each player's tee.
      1. This feature is currently available to our Tournament Software 2.0 beta clients. If you'd like to have early access to this feature, please email

October 20, 2022

Update To 9.02 Required

  1. Bug: Remove Facebook Sharing For Golf Genius & Vision Perfect Events
    1. Users scoring for an event with our Golf Genius or Vision Perfect tournament software integrations were presented with a Share button at the bottom of the Scorecard & GPS that presented an error when tapped. We have removed this button for them and kept it in place for normal scorecards and those run through our Gallus Tournament Software.

October 6, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Reflect Adjusted Handicap On Tournaments Scorecard Dots
    1. After our update to support Handicap Allowance for events, admins reached out asking for us to apply the proper number of dots to both scorecard exports and the player/team page within the dashboard. We've updated all of these sections to reflect the proper number of strokes players and/or teams are getting in a round.

  2. Bug: Adjust Tournament Scorecards To Print Two To A Page
    1. Some admins were experiencing one scorecard printing per page, which wasted quite a bit of paper! This fix updates our Tournament Software scorecards export to print two to a page when groups are five or less. (Six or more will result in one per page for formatting purposes.)
  3. Bug: Allow App Admins To Delete/Cancel Scheduled Targeted Pushes
    1. Customers scheduling targeted Push notifications to a large number of users were unable to delete/cancel them due to the user emails running off the page to the right. This fix ensures the page displays properly and admins are once again able to cancel their scheduled targeted pushes in the Scheduled section of the dashboard.

September 29, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Feature: Add Pop-Up Trigger Value Every time, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10 to "On App Open"
    1. When admins set up an App Open Pop-Up, they have the opportunity to select how often it displays to users. (Every 2x they open the app, 3x, etc.) This information wasn’t displayed anywhere in the dashboard after the Pop-Up was saved, but now it is on the main listing page.

  2. Bug: Refresh Tournament Software Player List After Adding A Player
    1. Eagle-eyed tournament admins may have noticed that players they manually added to the tournament software weren't being added to the tournament roster below until they refreshed the page manually. This change ensures the software refreshes automatically for you.
  3. GG Errors: Improve Error When Adding Decimal Points In Loyalty Module
    1. We’ve recently seen some admins trying to add point values with a decimal for a Points-Based Loyalty Program (which is not supported). Our handling of this error was the Whoops, we’ve experienced an error page with no details on what they did wrong. This update keeps admins on the page but tells them they aren’t allowed to add decimals.

September 22, 2022

No Update Required

  1. FEATURE: Add Update Handicap Data Button In GTW
    1. One of the major phases of the GTW 2.0 project, this feature allows course operators using the Tournament Software’s GHIN integration to update all of the course handicaps at once. This feature helps tournament admins ensure all course handicaps are updated daily. More info here!

  2. BUG: Adjust Character Limits On Fields To Support Exports
    1. Many fields related to our tournament print materials were previously allowing too many characters. Bumping up to the limit would result in cart signs that were cut off, scorecards with info missing... You get the idea. We've adjusted all these fields so you can continue creating while being assured all of your info will properly display in exports.
  3. FEATURE: Add Helper Text + Icon on Pages
    1. Previously, the only locations to get help in our Tournament Software were on the tournament listing page, main checklist screen, and online registration. This story adds deep-linked Help buttons to all of the major GTW steps so admins will always find help a click away!

  4. BUG: Post Score GHIN Back Arrow Deep Link Page Error
    1. Android users that tapped the back button within score posting have been receiving an error. Since we provide a separate Close button at the top of in-app browser along with some buttons in the interface, this change removes that back button entirely to eliminate this issue.

September 15, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Events & Targeted Push Notifications Integration (Click for more info)
    1. At long last, we have added an integration between our Events module and Targeted Push Notifications by placing a Send Push Notification button at the top of the Players page of any Tournament. When clicked, you will be redirected to the Compose Push Notification page with Targeted selected and your list of emails prefilled. You can then compose the message and click Send for easy list management and communication.

      1. IMPORTANT: Make sure to collect the emails of all your players and associate them with their profiles within the event. This can be done using any three of the setup methods:
        1. Manual Entry: Input the email in the Email field when creating/editing a player.
        2. Spreadsheet Upload: Input each player's email in the Email column before uploading your spreadsheet.
        3. Online Registration: Mark email as Required in the initial settings. Users will input their email when registering and it will automatically be transferred to their profile within the event.
  2. Support Handicap Allowance (Percentage of Handicap) In Event Leaderboards and Print Material Sections
    1. After we added Handicap Allowance for Events, it was discovered the Leaderboards and some Print Materials weren’t displaying adjusted handicap. This was unhelpful as the adjusted handicap is what’s applied to player's scores, so this change makes that value visible in a variety of locations.

  3. Bug: Flight - Leaderboard Logic Issues
    1. About a month ago, we made a change to the Flight creation process that broke the automatic creation of Leaderboards. (It used to asked for Net or Gross in the Score Format field and the selection would be generated for that flight in Leaderboards using the default scoring format for the event.) This change brings back that field and the logic associated with it.
  4. Bug: Tournament Software Event Export Adding Space Before StartHole
    1. Reported by the CS team, this bug occurred for clubs that exported their event from GTW and then re-imported after making adjustments. The exported spreadsheet added a space before each start hole in the respective column, which caused the resulting import to not properly create groups in the tournament dashboard. This removes that space and makes that workflow seamless once again.

September 9, 2022

Update To 9.01 Required

  1. Bug: Correct 9-Hole Net Tournament Scoring
    1. Customers recently reported some issues with calculations for 9-hole net scoring in both the print materials and on the player/team detail pages in the Gallus Tournament Software. This update corrects all of the issues surrounding 9-hole net scoring and ensures we are using the Course Handicap field as the number of strokes the user receives in a net round, regardless of how many holes the course is.
    2. Just to note, inputting a player's GHIN number is still the most automated way to manage handicaps for an event. That integration is smart enough to apply a 50% calculation when the selected course is 9 holes.

September 2, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Gallus Manager + Mobile: Rename Tournaments to Events
    1. With the upcoming additions of league support and a more robust online registration platform, we are renaming Tournaments to Events. Don't worry- our simple and intuitive Tournament Software is still in there. We're just making room for some new features.
  2. Feature: Make Handicap Values Consistent In The System
    1. This is a cosmetic update to the Tournament Software dashboard for how handicap values are displayed in dropdowns. We are essentially making sure +1 handicaps really are +1 and -1 is 1 to eliminate confusion.

  3. Feature: Add What's New Button In Top-Right Of Dashboard
    1. There is now a button in the top-right of every page in the Gallus Admin Dashboard with a link to this very article. This allows you to keep up with what's new all the time!
  4. Bug: Unable To Delete Rounds From Tournament Create Page
    1. After our change last week forcing admins to add at least round, we accidentally removed the ability to delete a round that had been added on the create round screen. This restores that.

Update To 8.12 Required

  1. Gallus Manager + Mobile: Rename Tournaments to Events
    1. With the rebrand of Tournaments to Events, we found some locations within the app that needed the labels applied accordingly. This update will include wording that is clear and understandable.
  2. Bug: Scorecard Recovery Enhancements
    1. Scorecard Recovery has been erroring out for app users with a large amount of rounds. This change fixes the process we were using and enables them to recover all of their rounds once again, using the email address they provided ahead of time.

August 25, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Feature: Enhancement For Pop-Ups Calls To Action
    1. After we released additional CTA options in Pop-Ups last week, we discovered additional tweaks were needed. The available options now include:
      1. Menu is now labeled Food & Beverage.
      2. The duplicate Food & Beverage item in the list was removed.
      3. A new Home Screen CTA was added, which, you guessed it, directs the user to the app’s Home Screen.

  2. Bug: App Navigation News Item Button Adjustments
    1. When setting up a button in App Navigation, admins can select Go To App Page → News → [A specific News item]. We discovered it was working fine in the Side Menu but the Home Screen button directed to the main News page (with all of them in a list). This update ensures the button directs to the specific News item in both instances.

  3. Bug: Updated Edit Leaderboard Functionality
    1. When editing a Tournament Software Leaderboard, admins can remove everyone below a certain ranking (i.e., Keep everyone at 7th place and above). This page previously provided a slider that didn’t function, so this replaces that with an open text field (numbers only).

  4. Bug: Updated Make A Cut Functionality For Tournaments
    1. The Gallus Tournament Software has long allowed making cuts based off leaderboard rank or score, but the tool to select the cut line was having some trouble. We've updated this field to help making a cut in an event a seamless process.

  5. Bug: Tournaments Now Require Rounds
    1. This bug occurred when admins set up an event in the Gallus Tournament Software with no rounds. They did receive a notification that they should add at least one, BUT they could dismiss it and get away without doing so. This resulted in an empty event that wouldn't display in the Tournaments page. Tournaments now require at least one round to be inputted at the creation step.

August 18, 2022

No Update Required

  1. FEATURE: More Call To Action's For Pop-Up's
    1. This update brings the Action options within Pop-Up’s in line with what’s available in Push Notifications (and then some). It includes the ability to deeplink to:
      1. Food & Beverage
      2. Tee Times
      3. Leaderboards
      4. Custom URL
        1. Input any URL to direct the user there when they tap the button.
      5. Facebook Share
      6. Offer Locker (NEW)
      7. Loyalty Program (NEW)
      8. Mobile Check-In [When enabled] (NEW)
      9. News (NEW)
      10. Settings Page (NEW)
        1. This feature will most commonly be used to encourage users to update their Push Notification preferences. (Interests, Customer ID Fields, etc.)
      11. Custom Button (NEW)
        1. Choose from any page that's been created in App Navigation.

  2. FEATURE: Support Percentage of Handicap (Handicap Allowance) In GTW
    1. This feature allows tournament admins to cut the course handicap by a percentage in an effort to level the playing field. Admins set the percentage on the Tournament create/edit page and it will apply to all net leaderboards within the event. There is a separate setting for Teams and Individuals when both are selected.
    2. Tournament Admins utilizing the GHIN integration will find this extremely helpful as they will only need to input the player’s GHIN number. We will look up the player's index, calculate course handicap, and cut it by the percentage they indicate to make the entire process automated!
    3. NOTE: We will be adding adjusted handicap information for each player to print materials and leaderboards in the coming weeks.

  3. BUG: Player Payment View Loading Error
    1. End users for Online Registration occasionally wouldn’t see the payment summary screen after completing registration. This resolves that.

August 11, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Generate Flight By Score Range Filter Adjustments
    1. When generating a flight based off user scores, tournament admins previously used a slider that had the tendency to be inaccurate when using a Windows device.. This update removed the slider and added in open text fields to ensure flights generated by score are 100% accurate.

Update To 8.11 Required

  1. Bug: Leaderboards Back Button Missing When Tour Is Disabled
    1. App users that accessed the Leaderboards button from the Home Screen or Side Menu would sometimes be unable to back out of the page due to a lack of back button in the top-left. We've added that back in to ensure a great experience!

August 4, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Enhancement for Team Name Standard Cart Sign Template
    1. After we released the new Team Name Standard Cart Sign template last week, we discovered some tweaks needed in the helper text and to display the tee time when that Groups option was selected (shotgun has worked the whole time). This template should now work 100% of the time.
  2. Bug: Scorecard Detail Not Displaying For Multi-Round Tournaments
    1. Scorecards weren’t viewable in Tournament Software leaderboards if two or more rounds were set up (it always worked with singe-round events). Now when you're viewing a multi-round leaderboard, you can click the score on the right for whichever round you'd like and the full scorecard will appear.

July 28, 2022

No Update Required

  • FEATURE: Allow Scores To Be Cleared In Tournament Software Scorecards Via The Admin Dashboard

    • This update allows tournament software admins to clear values from a player’s scorecard. (They previously couldn’t make it a null value- it could only be changed to another number.)

    • This mostly occurs on 18 or 27-hole courses that are used for 9-hole leagues when players mistakenly input scores for the wrong 9. After this fix, admins will have the power to make things right.

    • How it works:

      • On the player's page, their inputted scores are displayed. Adjust the scorecard as necessary and click Update.

      • A message appears letting you know the scorecard will update but you can always revert (we'll explain in a moment). Click Delete to confirm.

      • The scores have been updated! If you'd like to revert back to the player's inputted scores, click the checkbox below their scorecard, click Update, and their original scorecard will once again appear.

  • FEATURE: Team Name Standard Cart Sign Template

    • A part of our Tournament Software version 2.0 effort, this brand new cart sign template in Tournament Print Materials for team scoring formats will be more general and not display player names. Courses looking to keep their cart signs clean without names should appreciate this new option!

    • How it works:

      • In a team scoring event, go to the Print Materials step.

      • Click Cart Signs and select Team Name Standard Display. Then click Print.

      • A file downloads to your computer with the cart signs displaying two per 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. They'll have the following info:

        • Tournament & Sponsor Logo

        • Course Name

        • Starting Hole

        • Team Name(s)

          • If there are two teams in one cart, the system will display both.

July 21, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Add Offer Locker Uses When User Has 0 Remaining
    1. This bug prevented app admins from adding uses to an offer that had 0 redemptions available (even if it was technically within it’s available date range). This tweak will enable admins to once again search a user, click on the offer, and add uses as long as the offer is still live.

      1. For more information on Offer Locker, please view our How Offer Locker Works article.
  2. Bug: Display Stableford Helper Text In Tournament Software
    1. When creating a tournament, we have some helper text below the formats for the minimum and max values for our new Modified Stableford fields. The problem was this text displayed for all game types (including non-stableford scoring styles). This will hide that text unless Stableford is selected.

      1. For more information on setting up an event in the Gallus Tournament software, please view our Creating A New Event In The Gallus Tournament Software article.
  3. Bug: Leaderboards Project Doesn't Have Access to GTW Database
    1. Changes to the Stableford scoring format resulted in users of both tournaments AND Gallus Tour leaderboards being unable to view their full scorecards. This fixed that!
  4. Chore: Update Handicap On GTW Edit Screen To Read "Course Handicap"
    1. The Handicap field in the tournament software was not specific enough- it is meant to be the fully calculated Course Handicap and not the raw Handicap Index. We’re updating this field to be more specific both in the dashboard and the spreadsheet import templates.

Update To 8.10 Required

  1. Feature: UTM Content ID For Pushes vs. Message Center Links
    1. We have added UTM code to all Push Notification links based on where the traffic came from. This will help app admins get more granular on where revenue is generated from. We’re adding utm_content as either message_center or push_notification.
      1. For more information on using UTM's, please view this article from Google.
      2. For more information on App Analytics, please view our How App Analytics Work article.
    2. Enhanced Pop-Up Scheduling
      1. This will prep apps to be able to use the new Pop-Up’s scheduling functionality, which will allow app admins to schedule Pop-Up’s to display for specific days of the week (ex. Tuesdays from 1pm-4pm).
      2. We will fully release this feature in the coming weeks. If you'd like to be a beta course, please email us at
  1. FEATURE: When in GTW Event disable all game options and display stroke gross and net only
    1. When a player is participating in a Gallus Tournament Software event, we’ll now disable the scoring styles other than stroke gross or net in the dropdown at the top of the scorecard page. Our hope is this will lead to less confusion on what’s being applied to the leaderboards.
    2. Just to note, users will still be able to view their scores with the tournament's format through the Leaderboards button at the bottom-left of any Scorecard & GPS screen.

July 14, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Campaign Pilot URL's Not Attaching In Message Center
    1. Previously, the Action URL’s included in Campaign Pilot pushes (where the user is directed after tapping the notification) were working fine when accessed via a Push Notification but the message wasn’t tappable in Message Center. This will resolves that and makes all Message Center messages accurate.
  2. Bug: Export is not working in Offer Locker
    1. We discovered the relatively new Export Transactions functionality in Offer Locker needed some help to get back in working order, so we provided some assistance.
  3. Bug: Team Scorecards Not Displaying In Order
    1. We received feedback that tournament admins were not able to change the order in GTW Team format scorecards after our recent scorecard order update, which was causing some confusion for league players. This has fixed that.
    2. To change the order:
      1. Go to the Teams step of the tournament and order the players accordingly.

      2. Go to the Groups step of the tournament and order the teams accordingly.

      3. Now go to the Print Materials step of the tournament. Select Scorecards --> Individuals (by Group) or Teams. They'll be in the order you set!

  4. FEATURE: Make Name Display Field In GTW Affect Print Materials & User Experience
    1. The Name Display field that changes the format of names in Gallus Tournament Software leaderboards (first/last, last/first, etc.) will now affect the following print materials as well:
      1. Results By Round
      2. Scorecards
      3. Scoring Results
      4. Overall Results

  5. Bug: Display Description (Info) On Points Loyalty Programs
    1. This bug prevented the Description for Points-Based Loyalty Programs from being accessible to end users. This field is commonly used for the rules of the program, so it’s important that we got it back up!

  6. Bug: Fix Tournament Software Flights Selector To Be More Accurate
    1. The slider used to select flights based off handicap in the Gallus Tournament Software wasn’t working well on Windows devices. To fix this, we’ve updated the functionality to have text input fields (which will ensure it’s 100% accurate no matter the device they’re using).
      1. Old Experience:
      2. New Experience:

July 12, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Gender field is not fetching correct value for Golfer in Update Golfer screen in Tournament
    1. Part of the GTW 2.0 project, this known bug occurred in the user-facing scorecard detail page when playing in a tournament. The gender for the player would display as Male no matter what they were set as in the tournament’s backend, but this story will make everything match up properly.
  2. BUG: GTW - Fix course mapping does not get updated when course changes in a tournament
    1. Also part of the GTW 2.0 project, this bug occurred when a manager set up their event and adjusted the course to a different one after the fact- it essentially kept the first course’s mapping no matter what.
  3. FEATURE: Ability to Edit Stableford Scoring Points
    1. This will be the second (and last) scoring format update we’ll be releasing for GTW 2.0! I’ll release it to our beta clubs first before rolling out to everyone.

Update To 8.09 Required

  1. iOS Delete My Info - Account? - Button
    1. Apple is changing their requirements for account deletion and requiring us to provide an option within the app (the cutoff date was supposedly 6/30/22). This will be a button in the profile section of the app (at the bottom) that users can tap to request account deletion. It will do the following:
      1. Reset their app.
      2. Send them an email they need to click on to confirm it’s them requesting.
      3. At that point, Zach will get an email and he will take care of running the script to remove their info.
  2. Feature: Make Gender Selection Optional In Scorecard & GPS
    1. Based off feedback from some of our municipal clients, we’re going to stop requiring gender in the Scorecard & GPS (it will still be mandatory in GTW).

June 30, 2022

No Update Required

  1. FEATURE: Update the Scorecard in the Tournament Manager Section to Handle new Scoring
    1. This is another aspect of the multi-best ball formats (live with a few beta courses) and modified stableford scoring (in testing now). It's essentially making sure we display the proper score calculations on the player and/or team scorecards on their respective pages in the tournament dashboard.
  2. Bug: Check-In Sheets Not Downloading On First Try From Chrome PDF Viewer
    1. This issue essentially kept those using Chrome's PDF viewer from downloading the check-in sheets template to their computer on the first try (all other templates were working just fine). This should now be working properly.

June 23, 2022

No Update Required

  1. CS - Solve: Add a retry for Gallus Wallet transactions that get 50x errors
    1. We've been getting random 50x errors when adding wallet transactions. This occurs when the user has paid but the funds are not associated with their card. After contacting Engage, they requested that we at least do a single retry because there could be some network issues in their system.
  2. Feature: Backend Support For Multi-Best Ball
    1. This is the backend calculations for our new multi-best ball scoring format in the Gallus Tournament Software.
  3. Feature: Update UI For Format On Tournament Details Page
    1. This is an update to the tournament setup page where many of the options had radio buttons (changing “Competitors” to “Field” and making it a dropdown selection, adding “Scoring” dropdown, etc.) that will set us up for the changes coming to GTW.
  4. Bug: GTW Spreadsheet Import Does Not Use Hole Number Override
    1. Many of our facilities using 9-Hole Group Names and Hole Number Overrides (27-holes, etc.) lamented the spreadsheet import of GTW only used holes 1-18 regardless of their settings. This update will allow them to use either-or dependent on their preference.

June 16, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Change CTA Link On iOS Update App Pop-Up
    1. After we previously updated our iOS links to Apple's new format, it came to our attention the Pop-Up that displays for users on an older version of the app is using the old iTunes store format as well. (The problem was it wouldn’t give users an opportunity to update their app when visited.) This change fixed that so everyone can get on the latest and greatest at a faster pace.

  2. Bug: Leaderboards Not Displaying Properly To Users In App
    1. This bug presented a No Leaderboards Available error for the Home Screen Leaderboards button when viewing an event on tournament day. This fixes that experience so end users not participating in an event can still see how everyone is doing.

June 9, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Add payerGolferId to Marked as Paid Mobile Check-In Request To Determine Who Paid
    1. When researching who paid for a Mobile Check-In transaction, all of the transactions in Club Prophet's transaction reports showed as the person that booked the tee time. This new information we provide when payment is confirmed will help provide more detail in each course’s Club Prophet reporting.

Update To 8.07 Required

  1. BUG: Mobile Check-In Not Opening On Android
    1. This bug was discovered when a club's Mobile Check-In module wasn't working on Android. We discovered it was due to their app's default colors never being saved, which caused it to error out. This fix makes the system smart enough to use default colors on the mobile side unless they've been changed, so this error should no longer occur.

June 2, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Bug: Offer Locker Table Date Filter Issue
    1. This fixed an issue with the date range filter in the Offer Locker admin dashboard area where no offers were displayed when the filter was used.
  2. Bug: Tournament Software Printed Scorecards Not Reflecting Order Of Groups
    1. Our Tournament Software allows admins to reorder groups for cart pairings, but we received feedback this order wasn’t reflected in the scorecards. This caused confusion for players as most kept score for their cart. This reverse order from the Groups step is now reflected there.

  3. Feature: Deep-Linking To Standby
    1. To help with the release of Standby, we’ve added the ability to provide a deeplink solution that gets any user with the app downloaded to Standby. This covers two scenarios:
      1. App is not downloaded on the user’s device yet (or they’re accessing on a desktop): User is directed to the Smart Download URL so they can download the app.
        1. Note that once downloaded, they’ll still need to navigate to Standby on their own.
      2. App is downloaded on the user’s device: User is directed straight to Standby on the app.
    2. Here's an example (tap this link from a phone to see how it works):
      1. Need your Standby deep link? Email us.

Update To 8.06 Required

  1. Bug: Improve Video Experience For Android Devices
    1. Viewing pro tip videos from the Scorecard & GPS on an Android device has long meant downloading the video to your phone, choosing an app to view it in, and being sent away from the app to do so. This update keeps the user in the app and allow them to view videos in one seamless process!
    2. Note this only works on Android 9 or later (we display a message when they're on an older version).
  2. Feature: Make Slope/Rating Viewable In Scorecard
    1. We received feedback from a few clients that end users should be able to view slope/rating within the scorecard. The thought is this will 1) make our users more informed and 2) help us make sure the slope/ratings are always up to date for each app (users will surely let us know if they aren’t).

May 25, 2022

No Update Required

  1. Alphabetize the Standby Course List
    1. This addresses an issue with multi-course facilities with a large number of facilities to choose from in Standby. The list was displayed in a random order and hard to find the right course to create a window, so we made it alphabetical to simplify the search process.

Update To 8.05 Required

  1. Display available Offer Locker & Message Center count in Side Menu
    1. Both features now display a badge count if there are available Offers and/or unread messages.

  2. Button is not centrally aligned in Popup
    1. Fixed an issue in the last popup release where the CTA button wasn't centered.

    May 15, 2024

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